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Blue's Clues Party Hat

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Blue's Clues Party Hat

Difficulty: Easy

Parental supervision is recommended


Craft foam hats can turn an ordinary children's birthday party into a fantastic Blue's Clues Party.
What you'll need:

    Printer paper
    Light blue craft foam
    Dark blue craft foam
    Pattern (see below)
    Tacky glue
    Hot glue gun, optional
    Blue chenille stem or pipe cleaner
    Wire cutters
    Hole punch

How to make it:

    Cut a strip of craft foam about 1 1/2" wide by the length of the craft foam sheet.
    Hole punch each short end of the strip.
    Cut a chenille stem in half.
    Put one end of a chenille stem in the hole in the strip. Twist the end back on to the chenille stem to hold in place. Repeat on other hole with second chenille stem piece.
    Try strip (hat) around child's head. Twist chenille stems together to hold in place at back of head.
    Use the pen and mark a tiny mark on strip at each of child's ears. This is to mark placement for the dog ears.
    Remove hat from child's head and untwist the chenille stems holding the hat on.
    Print the pattern for the ears.
    Note to Mac Users: Choose "shrink to fit" option on above pattern and see tips area below.
    Cut out the pattern.
    Trace the ear pattern twice on light blue craft foam.
    Cut out the ears.
    Cut out spots for the ears out of dark blue foam. Any size or shape will do.
    Put glue on the "tab" of the ears.
    Glue the ears (underside without spots) on the mark you made on the strip.
    Let dry.
    Place strip/hat back on child with the glued tabs on the inside of the hat. The ears will flop over just like Blue's Clues!
    Have fun! Maybe you should have a dog party!


Note the size of the ears we made is approximately 5" wide x 9" long. You can make the ears any size you wish.

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