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Dalmatian Hat sombrero de dalmata disfraz

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Dalmatian Hat

Difficulty: Average
Parental supervision is recommended


This is a fun dog hat craft to make and wear for a Birthday Party, Halloween, or any day your child wants to show their Dalmatian spots.
What you'll need:
    Inexpensive white painters hat
    White felt
    Black felt
    Pattern (see below)
    2 (40 mm) Wiggle eyes
    Tacky glue
    Sewing machine or needle and thread
How to make it:
    Print the pattern for the dog ears.
    Note to Mac Users: Choose "shrink to fit" option and see tips area below.
    Cut out the pattern.
    Trace around the ear piece twice on white felt. Cut out.
    Cut spots out of black felt in round, oval, or other shapes. Cut a nose out of a piece of black felt in a oblong shape.
    Sew the straight edge of the ears on the bottom of the hat behind the brim on each side. (Note: Have a child try on the hat and then note where the ears should hang.)
    Glue the eyes on the front of the cap. (see photo)
    Glue spots on the ear and the hat in random fashion. Glue the nose on the brim.
    Let dry before wearing.
    Let the child put on their Dalmatian Hat and have a dog party!

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